12 April 2021

Thanks to Alex at Richard Winterton Auctioneers for sending in an update on this morning's auction of the copyright to the Craig Thomas novels.

The copyright to Whittington author Craig Thomas' novels has sold at auction online from Lichfield for £36,000.

The sale on Monday, April 12 with Richard Winterton Auctioneers live from The Lichfield Auction Centre at Fradley saw international bids stack up from all over the world.

Mr Winterton said: "A wonderful and well-deserved result for the copyright to this superb collection of 18 novels whose audacious plots spearheaded an entire genre.

"Craig's catalogue was Lot 1 and it certainly launched today's sale in style with a huge amount of interest from across the globe.

"The international nature of an online auction with internet bidders joining us from all over the world seems very fitting too, given the focus on technology so intrinsic to Craig's work.

"His fans regard the author as the true originator of the techno-thriller and hopefully this sale will prompt the beginning of a new chapter for his impressive catalogue."

He added: "We were especially pleased to be carrying out the sale on the instructions of the estate of Craig's wife Jill as they lived for many years in Whittington on the outskirts of Lichfield."

Hopefully whoever purchased the copyright has plans to get the books back into print or into ebook format. If I hear anything I will update.

22 March 2021

Well it's been a very long time since there were any updates on here. I've keep the page ticking over, always intending to get back and do a bit of work on it.

Anyway, there is news. Significant news.

Copyright to the 18 novels written by Craig Thomas will be auctioned at 9.30am on Monday, April 12, as Lot 1 in Richard Winterton Auctioneers Antiques & Home Sale from The Lichfield Auction Centre.

The back catalogue is expected to reach anywhere between £20,000 to £50,000.

Read more on their press release here:


Thanks to Alex at Richard Winterton Auctioneersfor the alert.

One can only hope that could lead to the books going back into print after many years.

16 July 2012

Added a new Contact page as my old email address has been swamped with spam.

Updated Biography, FAQ and Publishers page to have the new layout.

29 May 2012

Finally put the site on it's own domain! Welcome to CraigThomasCompanion.co.uk.

I have been corresponding with Chris Moore, one of Craig's cover artists and he tells me that he has a number of his original Craig Thomas illustrations for sale. If you are interested then you can contact Chris via his website, www.chrismooreillustration.co.uk.

17 May 2012

I've taken the opportunity to add a lot of missing cover images to the site, mainly of American covers by Bantam and Harper. I intend to add more of the missing covers as time permits. Some of the new images can be seen below.

15 May 2012

Time for another site redesign! I've changed the look of the front page and all 18 novel pages so far. I have also updated the characters page after Howard got in touch to remind me that Tony Godwin appears in Slipping into Shadow.

10 July 2011

I've just discovered the sad news that Craig Thomas died on 4 April 2011 from pneumonia following a short but intensive battle with acute myeloid leukaemia. Here are a few links to some online obituaries.

I was a little bit shocked to read this news as Craig has remained my favourite author since I started reading his books in the 1980s.

Lately his books appear to have been out of print so I think it would be a fitting tribute if a publisher would reissue Firefox.

My thoughts are with his family and friends, especially his wife Jill.

26 March 2010

Added some new cover images for the US paperback of Moscow 5000, the British hardback of Sea Leopard and the "overseas edition" of Winter Hawk. Many thanks to Graham for taking the time to scan them. I do like the US cover for Moscow 5000. Some of those Bantam covers from the early 1980s were very nifty!