Other Author Suggestions

I'm re-organising the book suggestions by identifing story elements used by Craig Thomas and then listing some books by other authors that include similar story elements. I've read most, but not all of the books below. *** means a book is well worth tracking down.

Craig Thomas novelNovel by other author with similar theme

Rat Trap [1976]

Airliner hijacked, followed by a manhunt through England.

The Semelov Impulse by Duncan Kyle [1975]

Kingfisher by Gerald Seymour [1977]

Firefox [1977] &
Firefox Down [1983]

Soviet stealth fighter stolen by British/Americans and crashes near the North Cape area.

North Cape by Joe Poyer [1969]***

An American author who is now out of print. As far as I can gather his last novel was published in 1985, but I may well be wrong about that. He seems to be writing about old rifles now. Of greatest interest to fans of Craig Thomas will be his 1969 thriller North Cape. This features an American pilot flying a highly advanced spy plane which is shot down by the Russians over the frozen Arctic wastes of the North Cape. The race is on between the Americans and the Russians to recover the pilot. Sound familiar?

The Sinkiang Executive by Adam Hall [1979]

British agent Quiller must fly a "borrowed" MiG-28 "Finback" into the Soviet Union.

Angel, Archangel by Nick Cook [1990]***

As far as I know this British defence expert has written two thrillers, although it appears the second book, Aggressor, never gained a paperback edition in the UK. His first novel was Angel, Archangel and was set in the closing days of the Second World War.  Among other things it includes RAF pilots going behind the German lines to steal advanced jet and rocket fighters. The book is very well written and entertaining. And I really wish they would get around to printing a paperback of the other book...

Snow Falcon [1979]

Russian hardliners want to take over the Soviet Union and start a war while the Soviet leader is attending USA/USSR arms talks in Scandinavia.

The Day of Reckoning by Joe Poyer [1976]

Plot to disrupt USA/USSR arms talks in Scandinavia.

Emerald Decision [1980]

Secret Nazi plot during World War II involving u-boats.

Double Griffin by Patrick Blake (Clive Egleton) [1981]

Clive Egleton wrote spy thrillers for over thirty years, most of which are set post-W.W.II. This book is however set in late 1944 and features a plan to use a german u-boat to fire a V-1 flying bomb at new York.

The Scorpion's Sting by Edward Pollitz

Another desperate u-boat plot to attack America during W.W.II. This time set in 1945 and featuring a V-2 rocket carrying an atomic warhead.

Normande Triangle by Justin Scott [1981]***

British title: The Man Who Loved the Normande. The French ship Normande was one of the generation of luxurious ocean liners that ruled the waves between the wars after the Titanic and her sister ships were gone. After W.W.II broke out a nutural USA impounded the ship in New York harbour. But in early 1942 after the US entered the war they started to convert it as a troopship. It went on fire and water from firefighters caused it to capsize.

That much is fact, and this novel picks up the story with a naval architect who is working on the ship and discovers that there is a German agent working in the docks. The Germans are planing to use a (you guessed it) u-boat to block NY harbour and hinder the Atlantic convoys. Excelent stuff and one of my all-time favorute thrillers.

Vengence 10 by Joe Poyer [1980]***

This novel is set through the years of the second world war and is based on the German rocket program at Peenemunde run by Wernher von Braun. The book focuses on the building of the v-10 rocket which is powerful enough to go to the moon. Given that the Saturn Rocket was developed just twenty years after the war it makes interesting what-if reading. Very well written.

Sea Leopard [1981]

Cold War British submarine hunted by Russians.

The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy [1984]***

Shadow Hunter by Geoffrey Archer [1989]

The Fighting Temerire by John Winton [1971]

Submarine by John Wingate [1982]

Third in a trilogy about a Third World War fought in the North Atlantic and Arctic oceans, written years before Red Storm Rising.

Two Hours to Darkness by Anthony Trew [1963]

Captain of a Royal Navy nuclear sub goes a bit mad.

Threshold by Steven Coulter [1966]

Typhoon by Mark Joseph [1991]***

The Bear's Tears [1985]

British agent enters Afganistan and is chased by Mi-24 gunships.

In Honour Bound by Gerald Seymour [1984]***

Seymour is my second favorite author after Craig Thomas and this is one my favorites from his books. An SAS man is sent by the British to the Afgan border. There he is to train some Afgan fighters to use a Stinger missile to shoot down a Hind gunship and then steal some high-tech gadgits from the wreck. The mission is a hopeless failure and the solder disobays orders and goes into Afganistan himself to join the fight against the Russians.

Winter Hawk [1987]

Russian plot involving US Space Shuttle.

Storming Intrepid by Payne Harrison [1989]

Star Shot by Douglas Terman [1989]

Bright Star by Robert L Stevenson III [1998]

The Cardinal of the Kremlin by Tom Clancy [1988]

A Different War [1997]

Sabotage of airliners.

Hard Fall by Ridley Pearson [1992]

Terminal Event by James Thayer [1999]